Workshop – September 25-29th, 2017

Fish Screen Training Workshop in Astoria, Oregon

Closed Drum Screens by Todd Duke and Jared Bragg, Idaho Department of Fish and Game (Download – 3.8MB)
Site Visit (Download – 2.8MB)
2014 Fish and Wildlife Program – Investment Strategy (Download – .5MB)
Work in Program, CEDC (Download – 3.6MB)
Astoria 2017(Download – 5.7MB)
ISI Brushed Cone Screens – Joel Watts and Theo Malone, PE- ODFW (Download – 34.8MB)
Fish Screens and Fish Management, Michelle McGree, Montana FWP(Download – 1.5MB)
IDFG Entrainment Studies – Paddy Murphy, IDFG (Download – 5.1MB)
Status of the WDFW Fish Screening Program, Danny Didricksen, WDFW (Download – 5.1MB)
State Vicinity Map – Shawn Stanley and Jenni Novak WDFW (Download – 6.1MB)
IDFG Fish Screen Program Report – Paddy Murphy, IDFG (Download – 5.2MB)
Improving Lamprey Passage – Cory Marick and Marty Olson (Download – 3.5MB)
Lower Columbia River Fisheries – WDFW and ODFW (Download – 1.3MB)
Montana Fish Screen Update -Michelle McGree, MFWP (Download – 1.6MB)
Oregon Fish Screen Update (Download – 4.4MB)
Fish Screening and Passage Conference (Download – 2.8MB)
The need for compliant temporary fish screening during in-water construction – Sean Taylor, ODFW (Download – 1.6MB)
Southest Idaho Inland Fish Screen Inventory and Database (Download – 3.1MB)

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