Workshop – September 12th-14th, 2023


Fish Screens Evaluations (3.3 MB)
Fish Screens Observations (1 GB)
Fish Screens Fundamentals (10.6 MB)
FSOC – Farmers Conservation Alliance (20.5 MB)
FSOC – Hendrick Screen (1.5 MB)
FSOC – Intake Screens In. (6.8 MB)
FSOC – Johnson Screens (3.8 MB)
FSOC – Zinvent (1 MB)
NMFS Criteria Status – Jean Castillo (4.6 MB)
Screening Options to Protect Larval Lamprey (5.1 MB)
Shallow Water Screening (20 MB)
Site Visit Presentation – J Wunschel (28.9 MB)

Workshop – August 29th-September 1st, 2022

Pacific Northwest Fish Screening and Passage Workshop in Missoula, Montana

Allendale and Private Irrigators Project (Download – 4.6MB)
Assessing Performance Corrugated Water Screens (Download – 8.8MB)
Blackfoot Fish Screen Program (Download – 9MB)
BOR Update 2022 (Download – 3.6MB)
BPA Fish and Wildlife Program (Download – 2.3MB)
Challenges of Fish Screen Maintenance Aging Infrastructure (Download – 2MB)
Fish Screen Tour Recap (Download – 1.4MB)
Flint Creek and Allendale Project Fish Monitoring (Download – 2.5MB)
Icicle Creek Intake Screens (Download – 6.5MB)
Idaho Anadomous Fish Screen Program (Download – 2.3MB)
Idaho Update 2022 (Download – 4.9MB)
Montana Update 2022 (Download 1.2MB)
Oregon Update 2022 (Download 1.6MB)
Overview of Fish Screens in MT (Download – 2.7MB)
Regulatory Trend to Fine Slot Wedgewire Screens (Download – 2.2MB)
Safe Passage Bull Trout (Download – 2.6MB)
Wallowa Lake Dam Replacement (Download – 13.5MB)
Washington Update 2022 (Download – 1.5MB)
What the Heck is with Headgates (Download – 1.7MB)
Yakima Construction Shop (Download – 11.3MB)

Workshop – September 16-19th, 2019

Fish Screen Training Workshop in Walla Walla, Washington

Washington “State of the State” (Download – 4.1MB)
Anadromous Fish Screening Program (Download – 3MB)
(Download – MB)
Lower Granite Lock and Dam Juvenile Bypass System (JBS) Primary & Secondary Dewatering Design and Construction (Download – 6MB)
Montana Updates (Download – 3.5MB)
Plazcoat for Corrosion Protection (Download – 4.6MB)
Pacific Lamprey – Are you passing them? (Download – 6.8MB)
State of Oregon Fish Screening Program (Download – 8.5MB)
Improving sediment management through forebay geometric reconfiguration (Download – 9.3MB)
Shooting Fish in a Bypass Pipe: Understanding the Effects of Fish Passage on a Migratory Fish Species (Download – 7.2MB)
Corrugated Water Screen in MT (Download – 5.6MB)
Mill Creek Fish Passage (Download – 5MB)
Westland West Extension Drum Screen Refurbishment (Download – 18MB)
Yakima Construction Shop (Download – 14.9MB)
State of Reclamation Yakima Project (Download – 4.7MB)

Workshop – September 25-29th, 2017

Fish Screen Training Workshop in Astoria, Oregon

Closed Drum Screens by Todd Duke and Jared Bragg, Idaho Department of Fish and Game (Download – 3.8MB)
Site Visit (Download – 2.8MB)
2014 Fish and Wildlife Program – Investment Strategy (Download – .5MB)
Work in Program, CEDC (Download – 3.6MB)
Astoria 2017(Download – 5.7MB)
ISI Brushed Cone Screens – Joel Watts and Theo Malone, PE- ODFW (Download – 34.8MB)
Fish Screens and Fish Management, Michelle McGree, Montana FWP(Download – 1.5MB)
IDFG Entrainment Studies – Paddy Murphy, IDFG (Download – 5.1MB)
Status of the WDFW Fish Screening Program, Danny Didricksen, WDFW (Download – 5.1MB)
State Vicinity Map – Shawn Stanley and Jenni Novak WDFW (Download – 6.1MB)
IDFG Fish Screen Program Report – Paddy Murphy, IDFG (Download – 5.2MB)
Improving Lamprey Passage – Cory Marick and Marty Olson (Download – 3.5MB)
Lower Columbia River Fisheries – WDFW and ODFW (Download – 1.3MB)
Montana Fish Screen Update -Michelle McGree, MFWP (Download – 1.6MB)
Oregon Fish Screen Update (Download – 4.4MB)
Fish Screening and Passage Conference (Download – 2.8MB)
The need for compliant temporary fish screening during in-water construction – Sean Taylor, ODFW (Download – 1.6MB)
Southest Idaho Inland Fish Screen Inventory and Database (Download – 3.1MB)

Workshop – September 25-29th, 2017

2017 Pacific Northwest Fish Screening and Passage Workshop – Mark Your Calendars

We invite you to Oregon as the Fish Screen Oversight Committee convenes the 2017 Pacific Northwest Fish Screening and Passage Workshop in Astoria, September 25-29, 2017. The 2017 workshop represents a return to the Oregon Coast. Astoria will provide an outstanding location for technicians, engineers, and shop staff to share their experiences developing, installing, and maintaining fish screens and passage structures. In addition, Astoria is an ideal base for a personal or family vacation with many outdoor experiences within a short drive. We encourage everyone to enjoy Astoria and Oregon before, during, and after the workshop.

Registration for the workshop will open in mid-May.

Workshop – September 12-15th, 2016

Fish Screen Training Workshop in Ellensburg, WA

Fish Screening and Guidance at Water Diversions by Jeffrey Brown, P.E., Hydraulic Engineer, NOAA Fisheries Service (Download – 106 MB)
Hydrolox Water Screen Technical Discussion by David Weller, Intralox (Download – 15.7 MB)
Farmers Screen Design Process and Tools by Roy Slayton
Hendrick Screen Company by Mike Isbill and Shawn Foster (Download – 12.6 MB)
Airburst Video (Download – 7.50 MB)
Browns Pond Video (Download – 39.9 MB)
Brush-Cleaned Cylindrical and Cone Shaped Wedgewire Screens by Darryl Hayes, P.E., Intake Screens, Inc.
Zinvent GreenScreen Portable Fish and Debris Screens by Matt Zolnowsky, Zinvent
Closed Drum Screen by Jared Bragg, IDFG (Download – 16.6 MB)
International Water Screens by Chris Gargan
Fish Screen Balancing and Testing by Jeffrey Brown, P.E., Hydraulic Engineer, NOAA Fisheries Service
Alternative Method for Screen Approach Velocity Measurements in High-velocity Channel Flow Environments by Peter Christensen, P.E., R2 Resource Consultants
Porosity Plate Baffle Design for Fish Screen Flow Control by Peter Christensen, P.E., R2 Resource Consultants
State of Science on Larval/Juvenile Lamprey Entrainment in Irrigation Diversions by Ralph Lampman, Yakama Nation Fisheries Pacific Lamprey Project
Dewatered Wapato Diversion Video (Download – 5.65 MB)
Larval Lamprey Screen (2.4 mm) Interactions Video (Download – 57 MB)

Workshop – September 14-17th, 2015

Northwest Fish Screen & Passage Workshop in Upper Salmon Basin, Idaho

State of the States – Idaho Perspective by Paddy Murphy, IDFG
State of the States – Oregon Perspective
State of the States – Washington Update by Tim Burns, WDFW
USFWS Program Updates
Fish Passage and Screening- Field Operations & Maintenance, Resource Planning, Scheduling & Work Processes by Mark Briggs, BOR
Fish Screen Major Rebuild & Rehabilitation by Jason Hennessey, BOR
The Early History of Fish Screening in Washington 1905-1955 by John A. Easterbrooks and Chuck Lenberg, WDFW
WDFW Fish Screening Operations & Maintenance Update by Ray Gilmour, WDFW
Water Over Hydraulic Fish Screening by Bob Haverfield and Scott Brons, WDFW
Farmers Screen – Learning from Algae, Ice, and Other Challenges by Les Perkins, FCA
Drewsey Reclamation Fish Screening and Passage Facility by Pete Baki, ODFW
Continuous Drive Panel Cleaner by Josh Kelsey, ODFW
Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention by Steve Haverfield and Mike Maier, WDFW
Restoration of Chinook Salmon in Patterson Big Springs Creek by Wendy Davis, IDFG
Evaluating Potential Entrainment Losses Using PIT Tag Arrays by Mike Biggs, IDFG
The Situation at Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery by Steve Croce, USFWS
The Challenges of Implementing Fish Screens on Pressurized Irrigation Systems by Paddy Murphy, IDFG
Hawley Creek Closed Pipeline Screen by Jared Bragg, IDFG

Workshop – January 12-15th, 2015

Fish Screening Oversight Committee Training Session in Vancouver, WA
Culvert Design and Assessment: Facilitating Fish Passage

Culverts 101 by Donald Ponder, WDFW
Public Outreach and Education for Fish Passage by Danny Didricksen, WDFW (Download – 5.49 MB)
Success and Challenges of Fish Passage in Oregon by Ken Loffink, ODFW (Download – 12.0 MB)
Fish Passage Improvement for Sucker and Redband Trout in Oregon’s Desert Basins by Tony Brandt, River Design Group (Download – 37.2 MB)
Fish Passage Barriers & Salmon Recovery by Karen Adams, Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board (Download – 12.9 MB)
Crystal Springs Culverts: Opening opportunities for wild salmon in Portland by Kaitlin Lovell, Bureau of Environmental Services, Portland (Download – 5.95 MB)
Fish Passage Barrier Prioritization by Dave Shively and Steve Pilson, USFWS (Download – 6.86 MB)
Collaborating for Open Salmon Migration by Robin Jenkinson, Johnson Creek Watershed Council (Download – 22.2 MB)

Workshop – September 17-19th, 2013

Pacific Northwest Fish Screening and Passage Workshop in Missoula, Montana
Save the Date Email
Call for Presentations

Opening Remarks by Pat Saffel, MFWP (Download – 12.7 MB)
Washington Update by Timothy Burns, WDFW (Download – 8.53 MB)
Oregon Update by Pete Baki, ODFW
Idaho Update by Paddy Murphy, IDFG (Download – 22.3 MB)
Montana Update by Mark Lere, MFWP
The Challenges of Implementing Fish Screens on Pressurized Irrigation Systems: A Biological Perspective by Paddy Murphy, IDFG (Download – 24.7 MB)
Using Fish Screens and Siphons to Reconnect a Migratory Westslope Cutthroat Trout Population: Did this Work? by Chris Clancy, MFWP
Modifying Existing Structures to Install New Fish Screens by Robert Edwards, ODFW
Horizontal Screens: Project Design, Implementation, and Operation by Les Perkins, FCA Solutions, Hood River, OR (Download – 81.1 MB)
Proposed Replacement of Roza Screens by Mark Briggs, USBR, Yakima, WA
Utilizing Technology in Fish Screening and Passage by Ray Gilmour, WDFW (Download – 155 MB)
Peoples Irrigation District & ODFW Cost-share Program, Look before You Leap by Martin Olson, ODFW
The Use Of Barriers to Protect Westslope Cutthroat Trout Populations from Genetic Introgression and Competition by Nonnative Salmonids by David Moser, MFWP (Download – 4.41 MB)
Fish Barrier Design Evolution in Montana by George Austiguy, P.E., Pioneer Technical Services with Contributions by Dale White, USFS
Thompson Falls Fish Ladder: A solution for Moving Bull Trout over a Montana Dam by Brent Mabbott, PPL Montana, Butte, MT (Download – 33.6 MB)
Cartersville Fish Passage – Design Considerations for Eastern Montana by Gary Elwell, P.E., Dowl HKM, Billings, MT
Conserving Fluvial Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout: Water, Passage, Screens, and Challenges by Carol Endicott, MFWP (Download – 18.6 MB)
John Day Fish Screening and Passage Program Current Issues by Mike Jensen, ODFW
Hydraulic Performance of Roughened Channels by Joey Howard, P.E., Cascade Stream Solutions, LLC, Ashland, OR (Download – 33.8 MB)
Steelhead Video by Joey Howard, P.E., Cascade Stream Solutions, LLC, Ashland, OR (Download – 37.2 MB)
Reducing Operation and Maintenance with Traveling Screens by Michael Laurent, Hydrolox Engineered Polymer Screens, Harahan, LA (Download – 6.86 MB)
Six Mile Video (Download – 20.5 MB)

Workshop – September 17-20th, 2012

Fish Passage Training Workshop in Hood River, OR
Agenda and Registration Form

Session 1: Introduction and Background
Manual Cover Page
Table of Contents
Course Tabs
Course Outline
Introduction by Bryan Norlund, NMFS

Session 2: Site Visits
Site Visit Agenda

Session 3: Juvenile Fish Screen and Bypass Designs by Bryan Norlund, NMFS
History, Purpose, and Objectives
Criteria and Hydraulics
Biological Factors and Screen Design
Types of Positive Barrier Screens
Designing Fish Screens
Juvenile Fish Screen Design Summary Checklist
Suggested Reading and References
Debris Management and Uniform Velocity
Juvenile Fish Bypasses and Outfalls (Download – 14.9 MB)

Session 4: Screen and Passage Issues
Oregon Screen and Passage Issues by Mike Jensen, ODFW (Download – 7.00 MB)
Managing Sediment at Fish Screens by Ray Gilmour, WDFW

Session 5: Site Issues
Resolving Site Issues in Screen and Bypass Systems by Paddy Murphy, IDFG

Session 6: Upstream Passage Systems
Introduction to Upstream Fish Passage Systems by Ken Loffink, ODFW

Session 7: Lamprey Passage
Juvenile Lamprey Passage by Matt Mesa, USGS
Effectiveness of Common Fish Screen Materials to Protect Lamprey Ammocoetes, Rose & Mesa