Workshop – September 16-19th, 2019

Fish Screen Training Workshop in Walla Walla, Washington

Washington “State of the State” (Download – 4.1MB)
Anadromous Fish Screening Program (Download – 3MB)
(Download – MB)
Lower Granite Lock and Dam Juvenile Bypass System (JBS) Primary & Secondary Dewatering Design and Construction (Download – 6MB)
Montana Updates (Download – 3.5MB)
Plazcoat for Corrosion Protection (Download – 4.6MB)
Pacific Lamprey – Are you passing them? (Download – 6.8MB)
State of Oregon Fish Screening Program (Download – 8.5MB)
Improving sediment management through forebay geometric reconfiguration (Download – 9.3MB)
Shooting Fish in a Bypass Pipe: Understanding the Effects of Fish Passage on a Migratory Fish Species (Download – 7.2MB)
Corrugated Water Screen in MT (Download – 5.6MB)
Mill Creek Fish Passage (Download – 5MB)
Westland West Extension Drum Screen Refurbishment (Download – 18MB)
Yakima Construction Shop (Download – 14.9MB)
State of Reclamation Yakima Project (Download – 4.7MB)