Workshop – September 13-16, 2010

Fish Passage Training Workshop in Yakima, WA

Section 1: Background Material
Manual Cover Page
Course Tabs
Table of Contents
Course Outline
Background Material

Section 2: Introduction
Course Introduction by Bryan Nordlund, NMFS

Section 3: Culvert and Bridge Designs
Culvert Bridge Designs 1 by Bob Barnard, WDFW
Culvert Bridge Designs 2 by Bob Barnard, WDFW (Download – 1.60 MB)

Section 4: Upstream Passage at Dams
Design of Upstream Fish Passage Systems by Bryan Norlund, NMFS

Section 5: Upstream Fishway Types
Upstream Passage – Fishway Types by Jeff Brown, NMFS

Section 6: Upstream Fishway Design
Upstream Passage – Fishway Component Design by Melissa Jundt, NMFS

Section 7: Juvenile Screens and Bypass
Fish Screening and Guidance at Water Diversions by Larry Swenson, NMFS
Fish Bypasses at Water Diversions by Larry Swenson, NMFS

Section 8: Site Visits
FSOC Tour Schedule

Fish Passage Design for Boulder Weirs by Aaron Beavers, NMFS
Fish Passage Design for Roughened Channels by Aaron Beavers, NMFS

FSOC Meeting – January 28th, 2010

Draft Agenda
Action Notes
FCA Project Evaluation
Farmers Screen Initial Questionnaire
Farmers Screen Site Evaluation Form
Farmers Screen Site Selection Process
Farmers Screen Site Selection Vetting Map
Review of FCA Site Selection Criteria Memo
Siting Criteria Checklist
ODFW Comments on FCA Siting
WDFW Cover Letter
Draft WDFW Guidelines
Letter to Eric Egber with Enclosure
Letter to Ray Hartlerode with Enclosure
Letter to Eric Leitzinger with Enclosure
Letter to Mark Lere with Enclosure